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spears-dvd-frontMike Dolbear just posted a nice review of Aaron Spears Beyond the Chops DVD over at his site,

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As consumers we are so lucky now as there are so many great products coming onto the DVD market. The boundaries are getting pushed all the time with better camera angles, better sound, production and content quality. We have printable PDF files, lots of extras and things that we could only dream of a few years ago. I have said it before, but Hudson Music seems to be at the forefront of this market and I just can’t see how they keep there, but with this package, they have done it again.

This is a 3-hour, 2-disc package that oozes quality and groove, and it is available as a download or as a conventional DVD with high quality digital video and super high-fidelity PCM audio, multiple camera angles and an interactive slow – motion option to check out Aaron’s fast chops.

Aaron Spears first came to my attention a few years ago as the new gospel drummer on the scene while he was doing the Usher gig. Soon after he was featured on the Modern Drummer 2005 show and DVD. I met up with Jojo Mayer earlier this year who was singing Aaron’s praises and who first told me about this DVD, so if its good enough for him…

The DVD is shot in front of a very small, selected audience in a very similar way to the “Master Series” DVD’s. The basic format of the package is that Aaron plays a track in a particular style (gospel, R&B, Motown, Rock, shuffle, odd meter tracks etc etc), and then after playing each track he explains his concept and the way he approaches the groove and opens the floor for questions. I really enjoyed this format.

The second disc has an interview by Jojo Mayer discussing everything from Aaron’s background and how he took time out from his job in IT to do his first major tour with Usher before turning pro, his work on the American Idol show and insight into his technique and groove vocabulary.

Overall I really enjoyed this DVD – Aaron’s playing is incredible and I can see why he is in such big demand. All the contents in the DVD are very educational with all the grooves and fills transcribed on a printable e-book.

Overall a superb package.

RRP $39.95


Reviewed by: Mike Dolbear


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