Yellow Matter Custard returns February 27th!

After having such a fun experience the first time around in 2003, Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert, and Neal Morse are reuniting once again to pay tribute to their greatest influence of all: The Beatles! Due to a scheduling conflict (and further fueling the “Paul is dead” rumors), original YMC bassist Matt Bissonette is unable to […]


Songo Ostinatos: 3/2 Rumba Clave

Hudson Music is pleased to offer a series of educational articles in conjunction with Modern Drummer Magazine and the Modern Drummer Digital Archive. This article originally appeared in the September 2002 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. The story of the songo rhythm began with¬†Juan Formell, bass player and leader of the¬†popular Cuban group Los Van […]


Chart Interpretation for the Young Jazz Band Drummer, by Michael Sekelsky

The word interpretation takes on many meanings when used in the same sentence with jazz band drummer or big band chart. For musicians, interpretation refers to the musical decisions the artist makes in order to express the written music.


Teacher Spotlight: Andy Luescher

Each month we spotlight a different teacher from our Teacher Integration Program. This month we look at Switzerland’s Andy Luescher.


Product Spotlight – Wicked Beats DVD by Gil Sharone

The new DVD by Gil Sharone, Wicked Beats, is an in-depth look at the development of Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae drumming. As Gil points out in his intro segment, these styles are seemingly simple on the surface, but many technically advanced drummers have a difficult time playing these beats convincingly.

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