A Review of Baby Steps to Giant Steps, by Jeff Johnson

I was asked to review Baby Steps to Giant Steps by Peter Retzlaff and Jim Rupp and offer my opinions on how it may fit in a university setting. I will attempt to give an unbiased opinion as well as offer suggestions as to other educational applications of the book


The Teaching Chain by Rob Hirons

I’ve been thinking about the whole process of teaching and the passing of knowledge and skills to others. This got me thinking about the subject of teaching, and specifically the imagined teaching “chain” that can exist in our minds.


Counting Out Loud by Fran Merante

Our single most important role as drummers is to keep great time. Therefore, it is imperative that what we play as a groove or fill falls correctly against the time being stated. Counting out loud when we practice is one of the greatest tools we have to develop our abilities in this area.


Steve Smith & Raga Bop Trio

Raga Bop Trio is an exciting new project featuring Steve, guitarist Prasanna, and saxophonist George Brooks. The band is grounded in jazz, with its focus on groove, atmosphere, and harmonic adventure. It is also deeply rooted in the rhythmic and melodic traditions of Indian classical music.

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