Berklee Online Courses by Skip Hadden

I wanted to let you know of an option that I came across which might be of interest to you and perhaps your students as well. I thought I would apply my same interest in the Hudson Music downloads to check out the Berklee Music online offerings.


Breakbeat Bible: Preview Lesson

The Breakbeat Bible: A definitive guide to breakbeat drumming.

The Breakbeat Bible provides the most in-depth study of breakbeat drumming in print. The style is divided into thirteen essential elements, with each element discussed in its own chapter. Hundreds of exercises and beats give the reader ample opportunity to practice the elements, which, when assembled, will give the drummer the ability to integrate a complete language of incredibly funky concepts into his or her playing.


Benny Greb US/Canada Clinics: September 2010

Benny Greb is in popular demand and is back with another round of US clinics planned for September 2010.

Don’t miss this chance to see one of the most musical drummers of our time in an up close and personal setting.


Artist or Craftsman? by Mike Sorrentino

Artist or Craftsman? That’s kind of a strange question, but it’s one I’ve been thinking about for almost a year.


A Rhythmic Twist: Preview Lesson

A Rhythmic Twist: Triplet Concepts for Drumset will give you a huge vocabulary of creative triplet grooves and fills to play in every style. The book does this by taking common, comfortable 16th-note patterns and adapting them into a triplet feel. The results are amazingly musical and refreshingly creative, and will give any drummer tons of new ideas to play within any swing-based groove.


Teacher Spotlight:Rob Hirons

Each month Hudson Music features a different teacher from our Teacher Integration Program. This month we take a look at France’s Rob Hirons.


Exploring the Learning Process by Adam Hay

With drumming, the quickest way to learn something is to actually slow things down. Never try to learn something at the tempo you ultimately want to be able to play it at!

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