Teacher Guide: Groove Essentials

Part of a series of guides designed to help teachers integrate and utilize DVDs and new books with their students, these teacher guides are carefully constructed to give tips on using the source material, as well as supplemental books that will help to make a more complete educational package. Available in printable PDF format.

Mike Sorrentino

Technology for the Traveling Drum Teacher

In this month’s article we’ll deal with a subject that many of us face: what to bring to a lesson that you’re teaching in a student’s home. While the vast majority of my teaching happens at my private studio, I do have two students whose homes I travel to. Some of you teach exclusively “on the road”, and many of you have a combination in your teaching practices. With today’s technology, it’s pretty inexpensive and very easy to carry everything you need in a small briefcase.


Groove Essentials 2 – review in Drummer Magazine

5 Stars

Groove Essentials 2.0 is a must have item for any drummer! Following on from Tommy Igoe’s highly authoritative and equally essentials Groove Essentials (1), 2.0 brings 53 new grooes for you to work through. Igoe covers a host of styles and gives the viewer more than 100 groove variations as he enthusiastically works his way around funk, rock, R&B, hip-hop, jazz (sticks and brushes) world/specialty, extreme tempos, hybrid, ridelss and classic grooves.


Indian Rhythms for the Drumset – review in Modern Drummer

An understanding of the roots of Indian phrasing could bear fruit for drummers in virtually every genre.


Pete Lockett releases “Kingdom of Rhythm”

One of the most eclectic and extensive rhythm-driven projects in modern times, Kingdom of Rhythm breaks new ground with a diverse creative mix of contemporary and traditional rhythms as you have never heard them before.

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