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Getting Started on Cajon (eBook)

eBook edition of the popular Cajon method – now with video included!

Guided by expert instructor and professional musician Michael Wimberly, this book/video package provides a step-by-step method for the beginner. In a short time, you will be playing a variety of actual traditional and contemporary rhythms on your cajon. This package is perfect for percussion beginners and established drummers and percussionists looking to expand their sound palette.

On the embedded lesson video, topics covered include background on the instrument, basic playing techniques, explanation of traditional rhythms, application to modern musical styles, and more. All of these topics are covered with clear demonstrations. Playing techniques covered include basic strokes, bass, snare, and slap. Using these techniques, youll learn to play rhythms such as Guaguanco (Cuba), Samba (Brazil), Merengue (Dominican Republic), Ganza (Africa), rock, hip-hop, funk, and more!

The book covers and reinforces the topics in the videos, and provides supplemental information as well. Extensive photos of all hand and body positions and playing techniques are included, as well as clear musical notation showing all the rhythms taught on the video.